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Batteroo ReBoost

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Hello Dear Friends!

I have some exciting news! Do you remember one of the most common questions we received during our last campaign for Batteroo Boost was “Do these work with rechargeable batteries?” The answer then was no, because disposable and rechargeable batteries differ wildly in chemical makeup and how they work so Boost was incompatible with rechargeable batteries. But now, we have the solution for rechargeable batteries! Introducing Batteroo ReBoost!

Batteroo is proud to introduce our two new product lines, the ReBoost SmartSleeve and the ReBoost SmartShell! What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked!

First, we have the SmartSleeve, which comes in AA, AAA, C, and D sizes. It works and looks similarly to the Boost, but it’s for rechargeable batteries! You just slide it on your rechargeable batteries and insert the equipped battery into your device. However, despite the visual similarities to Boost, it serves different functions.

Rechargeable batteries aren’t optimized to work with many devices. They are configured at a voltage of 1.2v, and most devices prefer 1.5v to work optimally. So the SmartSleeve boosts the voltage, similarly to Boost, improving performance! But rechargeable batteries don’t have the same problem as disposables; they don’t get thrown out before they get used fully, but rather they get ruined because they get used too much!

Many devices, when using rechargeables, don’t know when to stop draining the battery! They will use the rechargeable until it has no juice, but this actually damages the battery! There is a threshold where the rechargeable battery shouldn’t be used anymore and be recharged, but most devices can’t tell where this threshold is so they will continue draining the battery past it, and the battery suffers. This leads to you only getting a few uses out of your rechargeable battery before they stop working! A lot of people don’t like using rechargeable batteries because they stop working so fast. They don’t realize that this isn’t the rechargeables’ fault!

The SmartSleeve has smart-circuit technology that shuts off the rechargeable battery once it reaches its threshold. This way your device never drains the battery low enough to damage it, so you can get more use out of your rechargeable battery!

The SmartShell is a totally new product; an innovative capsule that allows you to use your AA and AAA batteries in place of C or D batteries! The SmartShells are modeled to be the exact size and shape as standard C and D batteries, and then you put your rechargeable AA or AAA batteries inside and you can use it in C or D applications! We also include a AA shell that uses one AAA battery! There are other battery adaptors on the market, but the SmartShell includes the same technology as the SmartSleeve: boosts the voltage to 1.5v and turns off the capsule off once its batteries get close to their thresholds.

How can you get your hands on some of these? We are launching our kickstarter campaign on July 17th, a week away! To get more information, check out our landing page: https://www.batterooreboost.com/

In addition to that, we also have some exciting deals for the beginning of our campaign! We have 500 Special Early Bird Bundles for the first 500 people who claim them! This is only for the first 48 hours of the campaign, so you don’t want to wait!Not only that, but all of our bundles are cheaper for the first week! After the first 7 days of the campaign they will go up in price, but we want to reward everyone who supports us early! You won’t want to miss out on these deals! Sign up for our special email list so you get to be one of the first people who knows when we go live!

We hope you guys are as excited as we are! The Kickstarter campaign is only a week away! Help us share the news, so we can have a successful campaign together!

Best Regards,

Your Friends at Batteroo

Earth Day

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We hit the streets earlier this week to giveaway some Batteroo Boost Sleeves in honor of Earth Day! We made a little video of some of the people we surprised!

Why the World Needs Batteroo: Impact of Landfills

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We are continuing our series about how Batteroos make the world better, and today we are going to talk about the environmental and health impacts of the sheer amounts of batteries that end up in landfills. If you’ve kept up with our campaign, you know some of the statistics we have already presented: over 15 billion batteries end up in landfills every year! That’s enough batteries to wrap around the earth 18 times! What we haven’t talked about is why that is such a big deal.

Why the World Needs Batteroo: The Troops

By Batteroo Inc. 1 years ago 723 Views

Today we are going to start a new series of blog posts titled Why the World Needs Batteroo. We will be looking at different situations in which batteries are being used excessively or wastefully and see how having Batteroos could improve the situation. This blog post is going to look at the troops of the United States Army.

Popular Battery Operated Toys

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This week we at Batteroo wanted to look at the most popular battery powered toys! We scoured different message boards and blogs to see what sorts of toys everyone was buying, so we can help you buy some cool toys for your little ones. And get much more out of them by equipping your Batteroo Boosts!

Issues Recording this Week's Test Video

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We at Batteroo have been working hard cranking out content to show all of you the benefits and superiority of Batteroo sleeves compared to regular batteries in our testing videos. We do our best to make videos that are as transparent and accurate as possible, because the Batteroo’s ability is able to speak for itself. However, sometimes setting up the video itself is what proves to be the most challenging. I wanted to give you guys a little behind the scenes of the adventures that goes into setting up our testing videos!

Batteroo Customer Appreciation Contest ($500 Every Month!)

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We wanted to find a way to give back, to show how much we appreciate all of your feedback. One of our primary goals moving forward is to create a community where you are able to communicate with us and share with each other how we are using the Batteroo to make the world and our own lives better. With that goal in mind, we are introducing our new monthly event, The Batteroo Customer Appreciation Contest!

Batteroo Test with Oximeter (2x Battery Life Extension)

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We tested two Pulse Oximeters side by side, one with Batteroo Boosts the other without, to see how long each would last. For those of you who don’t know, Pulse Oximeters are gadgets you put on your finger that measure the oxygen and heartrate by shining a light through the finger to take the measurements. For our experiment we set up a revolving disk with patterns that would mimic different readings so the Pulse Oximeters would continue taking measurements throughout the entirety of the test.

Batteroo Test with Kodak Camera (2.3x Battery Life Extension)

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We have been busy cranking out demonstrations for you so you can see for yourself the power and value you will get out of using Batteroo Boost. So once again, we are back with another testing video! This week’s video is another one featuring cameras, but instead of flash photos we have a side by side comparison of two cameras recording video.

Batteroo Test with Flashlights (5.5x battery life extension)

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We tested two generic flashlights, one with Batteroos and the other without, side by side to see how much using the Batteroo sleeves would increase performance. We set the flashlights up to each hit a sensor inside a black box. The sensor would monitor how strong the beam is and how much it decreases over time.