Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

  • Batteroo Boost Extension
    Batteroo Boost works by extending the life of new batteries or reviving used batteries.
  • Introduction to Batteroo Boost
    This Video is going to tell you a bit more about how the idea of Batteroo came.
  • Learn How Batteroo Works
    Batteroo sleeves can help your batteries in two ways: extend your battery life or maximize performance.
  • GPS hiking commercial
    One of the testing videos we are working on currently is for a portable, battery-powered GPS. The goal of the video would be to see how much longer a Batteroo powered GPS...
  • Batteroo Boost - How it works
    "Batteroo Boost - How it works" which is been demonstrated by Dr.Bob Roohparvar, CEO of Batteroo.
Testing Series Videos

Testing Series Videos

  • Batteroo Test with Oximeter
    We tested two Pulse Oximeters side by side, one with Batteroo Boosts the other without, to see how long each would last.
  • Batteroo Test with Flashlights
    We tested two generic flashlights, one with Batteroo and the other without batteroo, side by side.
  • Batteroo Test with Vivitar Dig...
    We did a side by side analysis of two Vivitar digital cameras, one with new energizer batteries and the other with energizer batteries equipped with Batteroo Boost Sleeves.
  • Apple Keyboard Demonstration
    Watch Batteroo bring an Apple Keyboard back to life!
  • Batteroo Test with Garmin GPS
    UL, one of the oldest and most prestigious Labs, performed independent performance test on a Garmin Golf GPS, side by side, with and without Batteroo.
  • Batteroo Test with Kodak PixPr...
    The camera with just the batteries stops taking videos when it runs out of battery power at around 58 minutes. The camera using the Batteroo Boost technology however last...
Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation

    My ad for the Batteroo battery device.
  • Batteroo Powered Accordion!
    Batteroo sleeves saved the day! Saving money can't hurt!
  • Batteroo powered clock
    In this test, batteroo is used to bring dead battery back to life in a clock.
  • Few Words About The BATTEROO
    Batteroo Customer Appreciation Submission
  • Batteroo Boost Customer Submis...
    Hilarious customer submission.
  • Customer Testimonial
    Here is another customer testimonial for Batteroo Boost sleeves. Batteroo Boost is a micro-thin sleeve that allows your batteries to deliver MAJOR POWER to your device!
  • Batteroo Earth Day Giveaway
    We hit the streets earlier this week to giveaway some Batteroo Boost Sleeves in honor of Earth Day.
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