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Batteroo Boost is incredibly simple and user friendly. You simply insert the battery into the sleeve, insert one sleeve per battery into the device, and leave the sleeve and the battery inside the device for the duration of the time the battery is being used. Once the battery is completely dead, keep Batteroo Boost sleeves to reuse and discard the battery. Repeat.
We are proud to officially launch our ecommerce website. We sell Batteroo Boost products directly to consumers at an unbeatable price. To Buy j
You can reuse the Batteroo Boost products as many times as you like. Over time there is a possibility they will be damaged and need to be replaced, however, with proper care you can reuse them again and again. If you need to order more you can reorder here.
Good question! Batteroo Boost sleeves are designed to boost the remaining voltage of a battery to an optimal level, therefore allowing the device to extract the remaining energy out of the battery. For a more in-depth explanation, click here.
No, you can start using Batteroo Boost at any time, even a brand new battery, and you will get the benefits of extended battery life.
Yes, Batteroo Boost is available for AA, AAA, C, and D batteries. To Buy Click Here.
Batteroo Boost products are designed to be as compatible as possible across multiple devices. We did everything possible to account for design variations of battery compartments and inconsistencies in the batteries themselves. One especially difficult device to account for was the Apple Keyboard, which the Batteroo successfully fits. Take a look here and see for yourself! Though we have tried our very best, there may be instances where the battery compartment is just too tight to accommodate the Batteroo Boost products. If you have support questions, you may contact us support@batteroo.com.
No, the Batteroo Boost is covered with a non-conductive coating, which prevents shorting.
Batteroo Boost has a reverse polarity protection mechanism to prevent any issues. If Batteroo Boost is placed incorrectly over the battery, neither the Batteroo nor the device will operate. Simply re-insert Batteroo Boost in the correct position, and watch it start working again. Click here to check out an easy 1-2-3 how-to-use on our homepage. 
No, the Batteroo sleeve is designed to only deliver as much current as a battery would supply normally.
We do not recommend using Batteroo Boost products in LED devices. The issue is most LED devices have an IC ( Integrated Circuit) that uses a Constant Current LED Driver. Our Batteroo Boost technology is designed to increase the output voltage of your batteries in order for standard devices to utilize all the energy that is still left in the battery and increase their performance. However, because LED devices utilize constant current, they are designed to accommodate their batteries' voltage decreasing over time, so Batteroo Boosts keeping the battery's output voltage at optimal levels is expending more charge than the LED device requires, and will actually lead to higher energy consumption. This might lead to a lower life expectancy than if you just used your batteries alone. For this reason, we suggest not using Batteroo Boosts in LED devices.
We are currently working on the IC optimized for the rechargeable battery. We do not recommend using the Batteroo (for disposable batteries) with rechargeable batteries. Please subscribe to our mailing list on the homepage, and we promise to keep you updated on all new products!
Yes, you can use this version of the Batteroo with lithium batteries. It is not dangerous. However, the greatest increase in performance and run time is for alkaline batteries.
No, the batteroo Sleeve is not a battery charger, nor does it charge dead batteries in any way. It is tapping into the unused energy that your devices are usually unable to access when using the battery alone .
Energizer contacted us because they felt our product name was similar to the Energizer brand name. After careful consideration we decided to use our company name Batteroo to name our first product, "Batteroo Boost" instead of "Batteriser". We hope our customers can enjoy the benefits of Batteroo Boost with regular purchases of Duracell, Energizer and other disposable battery brands.
According to reputable sources, mixing old and new batteries in a device can cause a “leakage or rupture, resulting in personal injury or property damage”. Kodak, Rayovac, Varta, and the consumer advocate group National Center for Healthy Housing all recognize the issue. Batteroo technology eliminates this problem by preventing batteries it is installed on from discharging to an unsafe level and allowing old batteries to provide the same amount of instantaneous power as a new battery.
Yes. Our technology has been certified by following 3rd party labs. These labs are worldwide industry recognized. Below are the following: