Refund Policy

Welcome to the website (the "BatterooSite"), a website owned and operated by Batteroo, Inc.("Batteroo").


No refunds. While we are happy to give new replacements for defective products, we do not give refunds. 


No returns because Batteroo doesn’t fit in a specific device: Battery compartments vary in size, And we do not accept returns Just because that there wasn’t enough room for the Batteroo Boost to fit inside a specific device. Don’t worry, for every compartment where the Batteroo Boost does not fit, there will be  others where it will fit fine. Please see our best practices guide at for more guidance on inserting the Batteroo boost. 


No returns in cases where Batteroo Boost Doesn’t benefit a specific device:  We designed Batteroo so that you could get the most benefit from the widest range of devices. However,  we don’t guarantee that all of your devices will benefit from Batteroo boost. We do not accept returns just because Batteroo doesn’t benefit your particular device.